The Power of Random Inspirational Answers...

Using the power of 'the silent voice within.
Tapping into what you know already.
Inspiration, stillness, listening...

...You'd be amazed at how potent the
combination of silence, space and deep
listening is when it comes to
finding answers.

William S Burroughs quote about questions and answers on a black-framed mirror


Hi, my name is Steve M Nash, and I created in 2006. In that time it's helped provide random answers to many real problems (Here are a few of them.)

And for that, I am thankful.
(And long may pointing people to the wisdom within continue...)

"But," you're asking, "how can a random answer be a useful answer?" Good question. Either find my answer here, or simply find out for yourself...

GK Chesterton quote about problems

Example Problems

1. What do I need to KNOW?

2. What shall I do TODAY?

3. What does it MEAN?

4. Will it be OKAY?

TYPE your problem?

(e.g. I'm feeling lonely; I'm lacking confidence; I'm confused right now; Things aren't going my way; Not sure what to do next; I can't even find the words.)

And you can find the full problem-solving list here...

And Finally...

I created for you. If you love it, or hate it, or you can think of a way to make it better, please contact me, and let me know – thank you. And, in case you're still the proud owner of a problem, then...

See for yourself?

Think of a problem,
click the red pill,
and listen...

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