About Problems, Answers, EgoFatigo & Me

"Or, why did I create EgoFatigo.com"

Ever since being born, life has seemed to
contain problems
. Like, "How do you do
, "What doesit mean when they do
, and "Why can't I do the other?"

Well, that was my life anyway...

Galileo Galilei quote on mirror

My First 'Inspirational Answer'

So I asked my friends for answers. Sometimes. And family. And anyone. (Some gave me their answers without my even asking – how kind of them!)

Sometimes the answers helped. (As did reading self-growth & spirituality books, DVDs, and videos.) Sometimes they didn't.

Because... As I was to discover in 2008, whilst conceiving of and creating another 'helping people help themselves' website, SelfHelpCollective.com, "You can't teach anybody anything, only make them realize the answers are already inside them." – Galileo Galilei

Bob Proctor quote about problems | image of ye

Enter EgoFatigo.com Stage Left

Back to 2006, then, and ignorant of Galileo's words, but aware of the strange, insightful 'powers' of random answers, I set about being 'creative' & 'playful' with inspirational quotes like these...

"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself." – Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy

"Of a certainty the man who can see all creatures in himself, himself in all creatures knows no sorrow."– Eesha Upanishad

"The wisdom of the wise and the experience of the ages are perpetuated by quotations."
– Benjamin Disraeli

Yes, I set about creating a question and random answer forum, and I called it EgoFatigo.com (and the drum rolls did play...).

Pic of Steve M Nash (c) 2013

"Hello, my name is..."

Hi, I'm Steve M Nash, creator of EgoFatigo.com. I'm also the editor of guru-free self-help site, SelfHelpCollective.com and a Transformative Coach at SMNash.com.

And I love problems because they pretty much always contain their own solutions... (In this case, solutions stimulated from a BRAND NEW collection of 366 inspirational quotes – taken from my Conscious Living Quotes book, in Sept. 2018.)

And I love helping people help themselves. Whether it's via EgoFatigo.com, or via the more direct approach of a a transformative coaching conversation, too.


Mobile Phones, Privacy/GDPR, and 2016/2018 Updates...

It's 2016 (at time of writing), and everyone and their dog uses mobile phones (cell phones) or tablets to access the internet. Plus everyone cares for their privacy more than ever. So it was time to 'improve' Ego Fatigo - make it work on handheld devices, and remove the requirement to enter personal details.

(So, EgoFatigo.com is now COMPLETELY private if you want that. In this (default) case only your answers are recorded. And no identifying information is required from you. Okay? See privacy statement (GDPR-compliant as of 2018).)

Find out for yourself!

Think of a problem,
click the red pill,
and listen...

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