Thankyou for helping me.

"A bird doesn't sing
because it has an answer,
it sings because it has a song."

– Maya Angelou

...So the original idea for this website all
started from reading a book in a loo
(in Hull, UK, of all places), in 2005...

Thank you, all.

Thanks go to the following:


The 'Thank You' Chain Continues...

...Then I read an e-zine (got an idea), was inspired by a few books I read, had some spare time, and some encouragement and support...

Basically, whilst the people listed in the dotted box inspired me to develop this site (for you), they are likely ignorant of this fact. Meaning: they are not to be blamed!

As for you, dear reader...

Give a try, eh!

Think of a problem,
click the red pill,
and listen...

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